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Customize your Tech with Flash Laser

Posted on: June 21, 2012

Personally I use my stuff as is. My daughter is the one that wants to buy all the little covers, skins and cases for her things. I thought about the personalization option when I bought her the iPad, but I figured she’d just cover it up with all her “bling.” I never really saw anything unique enough for me to want it… until now.

Check out In a Flash Laser, a small company that’s big on talent. Offering quick custom engraving services for your tech devices you can have almost any high quality illustration, logo, line art, autograph, drawing, text, or photograph, permanently engraved on the back of your iPads or iPods, or create some beautiful art on your Macbook air or pro. Does your tablet or Kindle need to stand out from the crowd? In a Flash has got it covered, literally.

Of course In a Flash Laser doesn’t just engrave electronics, although that’s what makes them really cool… they also engrave smartcovers and aluminum and leather cases as well as, wood marble and tile, not to mention custom flash drives, water bottles and Christmas ornaments.

Heck, if you can think of it, In a Flash Laser can probably make it your own. iPad etching uses 2 different lasers and shows up as white and grey shades with a cost of only $79.99 and this custom engraving has a turnaround time of only a few days! Check out the website at to order, or just to peruse an overwhelming gallery of amazing personalization options.



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