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A new report from All Things D claims the iPad Mini will not be released until October, weeks after the iPhone 5 is revealed at a special event on 12 September. The move means Apple will be able to eke out as much hype about the scaled down tablet, while also ensuring its new iPhone gets maximum publicity.


“Several sources” have spoken to All Things D to confirm Apple’s plans, backing up recent conjecture from analysts that Cupertino did not want its two flagship iOS devices being released simultaneously.

The iPhone 5 event is likely to be announced in the next week or so, with the date of the iPad Mini gathering being left to the rumour mill to churn through, creating the hype and hoopla that Tim Cook and co obviously love.






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LifeProof has made a name for itself as a maker of super rugged iPhone cases that you can take in the ocean, to the beach, or even to the top of Mt. Everest. This thing can survive in some surprising environments. But today, the company has finally answered the call for a LifeProof iPad case, the Nuud. The case vacuums against the glass panel on the iPad so that there’s no front screen protector, allowing for the same tactile interaction we’ve all grown so fond of on Apple’ tablet.

But that’s not to say it loses any of its ruggedness — all the same specs migrate over from the iPhone case, including Military Grade shock and impact protection, water proof up to 6.6 feet, and resistance against all the elements. Plus, you can plug in your headphones using the O-ring sealed headphone adapter, letting you take waterproof headphones into the pool or shower. (FYI, I would love to take care of the day’s obligatory phone calls in the shower.)

The iPad case comes with four small inserts on each corner to let you attach straps and carry it as a brief case, alone with port covers that vacuum seal just as tight as the case itself. The camera cover is made of the same type of glass that you would find in a Nikon or Canon DSLR camera, anti-reflective on both sides.

The sheer durability of the iPhone case case along with its usability has let people do some crazy things with their iPhones — things that would make any iPhone addict cringe at the mere thought of them — but just take a look (if you dare).


Personally I use my stuff as is. My daughter is the one that wants to buy all the little covers, skins and cases for her things. I thought about the personalization option when I bought her the iPad, but I figured she’d just cover it up with all her “bling.” I never really saw anything unique enough for me to want it… until now.

Check out In a Flash Laser, a small company that’s big on talent. Offering quick custom engraving services for your tech devices you can have almost any high quality illustration, logo, line art, autograph, drawing, text, or photograph, permanently engraved on the back of your iPads or iPods, or create some beautiful art on your Macbook air or pro. Does your tablet or Kindle need to stand out from the crowd? In a Flash has got it covered, literally.

Of course In a Flash Laser doesn’t just engrave electronics, although that’s what makes them really cool… they also engrave smartcovers and aluminum and leather cases as well as, wood marble and tile, not to mention custom flash drives, water bottles and Christmas ornaments.

Heck, if you can think of it, In a Flash Laser can probably make it your own. iPad etching uses 2 different lasers and shows up as white and grey shades with a cost of only $79.99 and this custom engraving has a turnaround time of only a few days! Check out the website at to order, or just to peruse an overwhelming gallery of amazing personalization options.


The word “Pong” doesnt mean of video games, but the Pong which we are talking about this time around has nothing to do with video games. In fact, it is not even software, but hardware-based.

I do know that iPad cases are dime a dozen all over the place, where most of them tend to lean more on the aesthetics instead of concentrating on function, although there are are some companies who churn out the ideal of both form and function. The Pong iPad case is said to be the most advanced of its kind in the world, and this is a claim that certainly needs looking into right after the jump.


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