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Apple iPhone 4

Apple has won its patent case against Samsung in San Jose, California, with a jury finding that the Korean company had stolen designs from Cupertino and used them in its Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The court has ordered Samsung to pay $1 billion in damages to Apple. The jury also threw out Samsung’s counter claims regarding its patents being infringed by Apple.

The nine person jury took just under three days to reach their verdict, despite having to consider over 700 questions about the case raised by both Samsung and Apple. The decision hinges on Samsung’s use of Apple’s so-called ‘bounce back response’ function, found when scrolling through pages on iOS. Tap-to-zoom functionality and the general design of Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone were also found to have breached Apple patents.

While Apple welcomed the decision, saying it sent, “a loud and clear message that stealing isn’t right,” Samsung said that the ruling was, “… a loss for the American consumer.”

While Samsung says it will now prepare an appeal, Apple is likely to look to enforce a ban on sales of certain Samsung Galaxy products in the United States. Either way, this fight between tech’s two biggest players shows no sign of slowing down.






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A new report from All Things D claims the iPad Mini will not be released until October, weeks after the iPhone 5 is revealed at a special event on 12 September. The move means Apple will be able to eke out as much hype about the scaled down tablet, while also ensuring its new iPhone gets maximum publicity.


“Several sources” have spoken to All Things D to confirm Apple’s plans, backing up recent conjecture from analysts that Cupertino did not want its two flagship iOS devices being released simultaneously.

The iPhone 5 event is likely to be announced in the next week or so, with the date of the iPad Mini gathering being left to the rumour mill to churn through, creating the hype and hoopla that Tim Cook and co obviously love.






LG’s new top-end Android phone, the Optimus G, has been the subject of a new leak, with specs and images of the forthcoming handset revealed on a Spanish Android fan site.


The top-end smartphone rocks a massive 4.7-inch screen with a 1280×720 resolution. Under the hood there’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, a 1.5 GHz quad-core beast which should make this handset run at lightning speed.

There’s set to be a 13 megapixel snapper round the back, with Android Ice Cream Sandwich running out of the box. A Jelly Bean upgrade is expected once the phone has been released, first in Korea, next month.





News @8pm

A juror in the Apple vs Samsung case in California has spoken publicly about why the nine-person panel found in favour of the Cupertino company in its patent battle with Samsung. The latter was ordered to pay $1 billion in damages, which could be trebled by the judge in the case in the coming weeks.

In an interview with CNET, juror Manuel Ilagan said, “We found for Apple because of the evidence they presented. It was clear there was infringement.”

Ilagan said there was plenty of evidence to back up the decision to find so heavily in favour of Apple, simultaneously dismissing all of Samsung’s counter claims.

“The e-mails that went back and forth from Samsung execs about the Apple features that they should incorporate into their devices was pretty damning to me. And also, on the last day, Apple showed the pictures of the phones that Samsung made before the iPhone came out and ones that they made after the iPhone came out. Some of the Samsung executives they presented on video [testimony] from Korea — I thought they were dodging the questions. They didn’t answer one of them. They didn’t help their cause.”

Ilagan said the jury was in broad agreement after one day of deliberation that Samsung was in violation of Apple’s patents. However, he defended the speed at which the verdict was delivered, saying, “We weren’t impatient. We wanted to do the right thing, and not skip any evidence. I think we were thorough.”




New Apple iPad hands-on

Sales of Apple’s iPad tablet are up 151 per cent on last year as the company announces a 94 per cent rise in profits. So why all this talk of missing expectations?

Apple has once again smashed the expectations of Wall Street analysts by announcing another record quarter with profits up 94 per cent on the same period in 2011.

The company announced net income of $11.6 billion (£7.18bn) after bringing in $39.9 billion (£24.72bn) in revenue, making it the most profitable three month period in the company’s history.

The company exceeded expectations for iPhone sales, shifting 35.1m units, when many analysts had expected a mightily impressive tally of around 31-32m.

However, despite the launch of the new iPad 3 (which shifted 3 million units in the first weekend alone), towards the end of quater ending March 31st, sales failed to match the lofty 12-13m predicted by Wall Street’s finest.

The company still sold 11.8m iPads, which is up an astonishing 151 per cent on the previous year, so it’s unlikely that the company will be sobbing over falling slightly short on that front.

The company sold 4 million Macs and 7.7 million iPods. Sales of the latter continue to fall each quarter, but largely due to the overwhelming popularity of iOS devices taking their place. The company says that 360m of them are now in circulation and just about everyone on the planet already owning a perfectly functioning iPod.

Other noteworthy items from the earnings call: Apple now has $110 billion in stockpiled cash, 600,000 apps now abide within the App Store and 200,000 of those are specifically for iPad. Mac OS X Mountain Lion will also ship this summer, according to the call.




The first Intel smart phone is here Xolo X900, with its own atom chips and not able to secure the support of HTC and Samsung they decided to band it on by themselves. Intel went ahead with Chinese tech giant Lenovo and Indian manufacturer Lava to launch their initial smart phones. The price is around $399 in US and Rs.22,000 in India. Let’s find out what Intel has for us in its first smart phone.


The XOLO 900 looks polished and feels nice in ones hand, the overall design isn’t a eye catcher but it looks good. It has a rectangular shape similar to iPhone 4/4S. It comes with a 4.03 inch screen and gives a 1024 x 600p resolution along with capacitive Android buttons. Furthermore 1.3 mega pixel front camera and has a small silver ear piece on the front. On the right side there is a micro-SIM card slot with a dedicated camera button, volume rocker and a speaker. The matching second speaker is on the left along with a HDMI out-port. At the top there is a power button and the 3.5 mm head jack. On the rubberized back there is the 8 mega pixel camera, LED flash and the XOLO, Intel logo.


Display is something that every new smart phone is enhancing day by day, XOLO came up with the 1024 x 600p resolution the same as Kindlefire has. It is not the 720p but it’s not that disappointing. The display offers nice colors and viewing angles. The display has 295 pixels per inch hence consumers would hardly notice any individual pixels. The touch is great and have no problems at all.


It has the 8 megapixel camera on the back and 1.3 megapixel camera on the front and is clubbed with the most comprehensive camera app we have ever seen. I t has the function of Burst Shot, the same in HTC One X, which takes 10 pictures in less than a second on one click. But its shots when burst mode off lacks behind the cameras of to the smart phones in color and quality. The video recording allows you to record a video up to 1080p which is pretty much a standard in high smart phones. The recording output is decent and looks good.


It comes with the gingerbread as it was released early, there are no additional apps installed in XOLO X900 except the XOLO care app and the inclusion of Swype. The compatibility of apps with the XOLO X900 is the main thing to worry as games like temple run, Shadowgun, deer hunter etc are not supported.


It comes up with the Intel’s Atom Z2460 32nm SoC with processor clocked at up to 1.6 GHz. There is no sluggishness or any lag while going through menus and apps. The processer works great and is fast and competes with other smart phones quite well. XOLE X900 comes with a 1460mAh battery which passes up to one day. The gaming experience is good and works quite well.

XOLO X900 works quite well and is Value for money but the branding might hurt the phone.


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